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Read HEART Brochure
Homeless/Runaway Emergency Action Response Team (HEART) is a 24/7 mobile crisis response program for homeless and runaway youth under the age of 18 in Butte County. HEART is comprised of two clinicians and a behavioral health counselor. HEART staff will work one-on-one with youth, and their caregivers to identify needs and goals. Services will be tailored to meet these unique needs and goals. HEART staff are able to accompany the young person to outside services help overcome any transportation barriers and provide a supportive connection.

The goal of HEART is to:
●    Provide physical and emotional safety to youth experiencing a homeless or runaway episode;
●    Reunite runaway youth with their families and strengthen family bonds;
●    Promote stable living conditions for runaway and homeless youth, including youth that are at risk from separation from their families;
●    Offer an array of services that are responsive to the unique needs of runaway and homeless youth in our community.

HEART offers 24 hour crisis intervention in response to a homeless or runaway episode.
HEART services include:
●    Family reunification
●    Brief family counseling
●    Conflict mediation
●    Counseling
●    Access to temporary shelter
●    Assistance accessing social services
●    Educational Assistance
●    Basic needs such as food, clothing and hygiene items
●    Case management
●    School and community presentations

You can access HEART services in a variety of ways:
●    Call 1-877-478-6292 -or-
●    Walk into the 6th Street Center for Youth -or-
●    Talk to a Street Outreach Worker in the community -or-
●    Ask your School Counselor
●    Parents, you can call HEART too!